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Location: Falmouth | Falmouth, MA | DPW ADMIN | None |
Work Schedule: 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM Weekly Hours: 40
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.,
Job Status: Full-Time
Details: $36.48 - $47.61/hr.
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Job Responsibilities

Supervises personnel engaged in the maintenance, design and construction of facilities, trees, lawn care, disease and weed control, and historic cemetery maintenance; assigns work and defines work methods and procedures; reviews work accomplished. 

Administers the division budget; works with the Board of Selectmen and various town departments on shade tree issues; makes frequent public presentations on division operations and proposals.

Ensures that athletic fields are laid out and lined for sports programs, including school sports at all levels; plans, directs and manages aggressive turf maintenance programs.


Oversees and administers the maintenance and construction of playground structures and surfaces in accordance with federal  regulations; oversees cemetery maintenance, including historic restoration of headstones at town cemeteries; administers  the town memorial bench program


Serves as the Insect Pest Control Supervisor; oversees and directs education and eradication programs such as  Dutch Elm Disease, gypsy moths, cankerworms, and locust infestations.

Researches and writes grants for tree planting programs, historic preservation and public access grants; maintains irrigation systems for athletic facilities and landscape/flower beds.

Manages town forested and open space land and oversees personnel or contractors performing work.

Assists in supporting coordination of major special events, such as boat show, Fourth of July Fireworks, Memorial Day Services, Falmouth Road Race, etc. 

Oversees work performed by utility companies on public shade trees pertaining to line clearance and underground excavations pertaining to root zone interference. Advises state Highway Department regarding shade tree issues as they related to state highways.

Performs similar or related work, as required, or as situation dictates.

Recommended Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience -

Bachelor’s Degree in arboriculture, park administration or a related field; five years of experience in municipal park and tree maintenance, or related work, including budgeting and personnel management; supervisory experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Knowledge -

Thorough knowledge of procedures and laws pertaining to shade tree management, forestry, insect pest control and wetlands; knowledge of equipment, materials and tools relative to forestry and park maintenance; knowledge of tree and turf insect and disease identification; knowledge of public sector forestry operations; practical knowledge of planning the work of crews. 

Ability -

Ability to plan for projects and determine the personnel, equipment and material required to accomplish tasks; ability to supervise personnel and projects; ability to manage a budget; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public; ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Skill -

Interpersonal and supervisory skills; planning and organizational skills; skill in operating required equipment.

Additional Requirements -

Valid Massachusetts Class B Commercial Driver’s License

Hydraulic Engineer’s License

Pesticide Applicator’s License

Physical Requirements

Moderate physical effort is generally required to perform duties. The employee is frequently required to use hands to operate equipment and walk. The employee is occasionally required to lift, move, and/or push items weighing up to 60 pounds. Vision requirements include the ability to read documents, use a computer, and operate motor vehicles.

Additional Information


Works under the general direction of the Director of Public Works; performs responsible duties requiring judgment in organizing and directing assigned crews, providing instructions and advice and inspecting work.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Supervises approximately 14 full-time employees, 8 seasonal employees and volunteers, such as court ordered community service programs. 

Work Environment

Work is generally performed outdoors, in variable weather conditions and near hazards associated with maintenance activities and construction sites, traffic, and chemicals; the work load is subject to fluctuations, due to weather conditions; on call to respond to weather-related emergencies.

The employee operates standard office equipment, hand and power tools and light trucks; occasionally operates heavy equipment and trucks.

The employee has contact with the general public, the Board of Selectmen, other town departments, and committees to plan special projects.

The employee has access to personnel files and bid documents.

Errors could result in delay or loss of service, personal injury, injury to others, damage to equipment or property, monetary loss and legal repercussions.

Application Special Instructions

Preference Date: November 30, 2017